CCTV connected to alarm receiving centre (ARC)

CCTV remote monitoring

24 hour visual protection for your premises NACOSS Gold

Using an ADSL connection your premises can be monitored by humans 24 hours a day with CCTV cameras placed strategically around the vulnerable areas of your business premises, usually outside around the perimeter of a secure compound, or covering approaches not usually accessible to the public. 

Movement detectors or video motion detection units are installed to trigger the alarm.  This will not call the police directly and so any stray animals, birds or other influences detected will not cause an annoyance. 

The CCTV remote monitoring system will be armed manually or automatically by timer, once armed any movement detected by the external motion detectors will transmit an alarm to the alarm receiving centre. The operator will receive a CCTV video recording of the cause of the activation by means of a history feature, and will have the ability to view any CCTV camera live.

The central station (Alarm Receiving Centre) operator will be able to assess the situation and act accordingly. 

A public address system is also installed at the premises, and the ARC operator can use it to speak to the intruder(s) where deemed to be appropriate.  It might be necessary to call the police, which can be
done with full visual verification information of the event and whereabouts of the intruder(s).

Any subsequent prosecution will have the recorded CCTV evidence of the intrusion.

PSTN line integrity monitoring is used for the ADSL line to comply with BS 8418.  In addition, ADSL line monitoring will notify the alarm receiving centre of line and or broadband service failure. A GSM back-up system can be used to notify of any subsequent alarms.

As well as the CCTV system being monitored by the ARC, it is also possible for the customer to view the premises remotely at any time by using a password to gain access to the monitored CCTV system.

If you are currently using Manned Guarding changing to Remote CCTV Monitoring will produce savings of over 75%, and unlike manned guarding you have an asset to be included in your balance sheet at the end of the year.

Monitoring prices start at just £750.00 pa and this includes key-holding response from SIA licensed guards.

What Can we do to help you?

Wakefield Security Systems Limited have the answer for every possible requirement, from CCTV to protect your business premises or home, to protection of a remote container in the middle of a field we have the CCTV monitoring solution.

We write our own recorder software, and can build solutions that are not readily found on the shelf.

Our customers can sleep at night safe in the knowledge that our operators are keeping a watchful eye on their property. 

For more information please contact us.  A site visit can be arranged without charge.

Monitored CCTV gets an instant response before they break anything .........
The ultimate deterrent!

Protect car compounds, secure areas, perimeter fenced areas, building sites, construction sites, prohibited areas, etc.

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High quality MegaPixel cameras


Satisfies insurance requirements

Designed to be used in evidence


Learn more about CCTV

Six ways that a Commercial CCTV System can help your business.

We are very well equipped to maintain and repair any make of system, no matter how old. We can easily update your existing CCTV equipment to give it a new lease of life - who knows, a minor adjustment may be all that is required to give you noticeably better performance.


Excellent cameras providing excellent value for money

Sussex - Surrey - Kent - Hampshire - London

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