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Elise digital CCTV control centre


View live pictures of our office and surrounding area...

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Use the selection buttons to select other cameras. This demo does not have all cameras in operation.

You can have your own CCTV live on your website too, or have such a page on your website that is only accessible using a password to allow authorised viewing only.

Click here for a link to the live demo of Elise and software download

Elise DVR

Since the creation of digital CCTV the market has been flooded by literally thousands of digital video recorders (DVR). As with everything in life there are some good DVR systems and several thousand bad ones, and so when we found a good one we held onto it.

The Elise started life in the UK under a different name, but the company that was distributing it decided it was too expensive and dropped it in favour of a different machine. Wakefield Security found out who manufactured the DVR and contacted them. We bought the UK Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) license and became the UK distributor for this outstanding product.

We developed our own embedding program, giving us far more control. The possibilities for this versatile piece of equipment are endless.  Below are some examples of the features available.

We are constantly updating and developing our recorder. If you have a particular application that is not already covered then please contact us, we have fulfilled all requests so far.

Why not see for yourself?  Click on the link to see the demonstration and download the Elise software. Then you will be able to view camera shots of our office.  You can experiment with the various views and even see recordings that were made during hours gone by.  

STOP PRESS! We can now send emails with pictures of events e.g. Camera 1 detects movement and it sends a
picture of the event directly to your phone or computer.


Computer linked CCTV CAMERA system

Allows remote surveillance from home, or even your mobile phone or iPad - see your home, office, car park etc. from anywhere in the world.  Ideal for owners of holiday homes abroad. Useful for viewing staff & customer activity in business premises while at home. 

Mega-pixel high quality cameras

designed to be used in evidence


Six ways that a Commercial CCTV System can help your business.

We are very well equipped to maintain and repair any make of system, no matter how old. We can easily update your existing CCTV equipment to give it a new lease of life - who knows, a minor adjustment may be all that is required to give you noticeably better performance



Excellent cameras providing excellent value for money


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