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Portable Budget CCTV System

CCTV for £299 + VAT installed!!

CCTV that's portable - low cost - records on SD card - senses movement

Wakefield Security can offer a single camera CCTV system for as little as £299 + VAT installed.

Ideal for single camera installations where running cables is difficult, problem areas where a covert camera is required, temporary CCTV, small shops that only require a single camera.

The system can be manufactured to be completely portable; in fact the uses for this low cost CCTV system are endless.

How does it work?

Above is a screen clip of the free software provided with the kit, the recorder was set to medium resolution, the camera was a Sony 540 TVL High resolution camera.

Below is the recorder and SD card.

We supply and install a camera.

The camera is attached to a small recorder with an SD Card (Secure Digital) slot (smaller than a packet of 10 cigarettes) the recorder can be connected to a monitor if required, and the recorder comes with a remote control which can be used to play back the recordings.

Alternately you can just remove the SD card and play it back on any computer.

As recording size is limited the recorder can be set up to record only when there is  motion; therefore the memory is not filled up with empty information.


The amount of information is recorded is dependant on the SD card size and how much motion is detected on the camera. On average, using a 1GB card which is set to medium quality and frame rate, you will achieve around about four thousand 40 second motion events.

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